August 11, 2014


Make Your Graphics Look Vintage and Screen Printed Like a Thrift Shop T-Shirt

What's the best, easiest, and fastest way to add cracked "Plastisol Ink" textures and make your graphics look like they are printed on a Vintage Thrift Shop T-Shirt?? - Use the "THRIFT SHOP" Vintage Screenprint Template!

Simply paste in your graphics (smart object -or- pixel art) and apply any combination of textures.

• 20 Vintage Distress Textures

• 11 Fabric Overlays to choose from - each with different wrinkle shapes. Make your t-shirt fabric any color.

• 11 Corresponding Displacement Maps included - so you can warp your graphic to bend and match the fabric wrinkles.

• High Resolution Photoshop PSD file: 3000 x 3000 pixels

This template can be used to improve your portfolio for Behance, Dribbble... or to help present your designs to clients and customers. It can also be used to set up your art for production to be sent out to a screen printer.


Have a closer look at Thrift Shop here.

June 20, 2014


June 20, 2014


Make Hand Drawn Illustrator Brushes and Frames

How to Make Hand-Drawn Borders and Turn them Into Illustrator Brushes and Frames.

Mentioned in the Video: Get Graphic Design Launch Kit and Free Download of the Week 

June 20, 2014


How to Create a Hand-Drawn Logo

Video tutorial showing my method for making a hand-drawn logo.

Mentioned in the video: Get a free download of Graphic Design Launch Kit

May 26, 2014


Tutorial: Use Displacement Maps and Photoshop Brushes to Weather Your Graphics

Using Concrete Textures in Photoshop. Get the textures free in Graphic Design Launch Kit

Also mentioned in the video: Free download of the week

May 26, 2014


April 21, 2014


Video Tutorial: How to make your own Typography Templates

Here's a new video showing you how I make my Typography Templates (so that you can make some too!)

If you want to download the template shown in this video, it's available just this week as the Free Download of the Week:

Links mentioned in the video:

Premium Typography Templates (Typography Templates Bundle is 30% off this week)

Graphic Design Launch Kit (Free for Newsletter Subscribers)

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