April 13, 2014


A New DIY Tutorial Series

Just in case you haven't seen it, here's my most viewed video: "Tutorial: How to Create Custom Typography." It shows how to design a textured script logo. Between YouTube and Vimeo, this video has been watched more than 140,000 times... and counting!

I do really like teaching people graphic design knowledge that I've learned over the last 14+ years as a designer.

So I've got something new I'm going to test out. It's a (free) brand new short video every week or two showing a design tip or trick. This will be mainly for all you DIY'ers out there who want to learn new design tips.

Keep an eye out for this upcoming tutorial series in your email inbox.

If you aren't signed up to the email newsletter, you can do so here:

If you sign up for the free email newsletter, you will get a free download of Graphic Design Launch Kit ($35 value) which includes a step-by-step of all the Illustrator and Photoshop working files that were used in the Typography Tutorial.

If you have any comments, requests, or suggestions for tutorial topics, send me a message using the contact form.


~Ray Dombroski


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April 13, 2014


Design Inspiration on Pinterest

Have you seen my Pinterest page? It's full of inspiration that I use to influence my own graphic design work. Have a look if you need design ideas. ~Ray Dombroski

April 02, 2014


Distressed Logo T-Shirt Bundle

If I were starting a graphic design business from scratch, which 3 collections would I want so that I could get things up and running the quickest?

I'd want T-Shirt Templates 01 so I could make my tee designs look real.

I'd also put Vintage Workwear Logo Templates on the list so I could make logo designs in a flash.

And I'd also want Bitmap Textures so I could have a huge variety of textures that I could use to quickly distress & weather my logos and typography

My Two-Day Bundles have been a hit lately. This one is so good, I'm going to offer it for 3 days. It's called the [3 Day] Distressed Logo T-Shirt Bundle.

Save huge: more than 40% off. This bundle will be available at this price only until Midnight on Friday, April 4, 2014.

Have a great week!

~Ray Dombroski

P.S. I still have a special surprise in the works that I mentioned on Monday... so be on the lookout for that email Thursday or Friday (I'll send it as soon as I can get it ready).
March 31, 2014


Free Download This Week: Costa Rica Textures Vol 1


I just got back from a quick surfing holiday last week in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. It's a warm place with wonderful people, food, waves, and sunsets.

Around town I noticed rustic hand-crafted wood, stone, fabrics, and metal. Perfect for making textures and Photoshop brushes.

Some of these have been included in this week's free download: Costa Rica Textures Vol. 1

Each texture comes in Color Jpeg, Greyscale Jpeg, Bitmap Tiff, and Photoshop Brush format.

Let me know how these textures work out for you. If you like them, I might put up more later this month.

Pura vida!

Ray Dombroski
March 02, 2014


Free Download of the Week & [VIDEO] T-Shirt Templates Update

Hello! I hope you had a great weekend.

Whenever we have a big rainfall in Southern California that dumps runoff into the ocean, I take a break from surfing. This was one of those weekends, so I just happened to get a bunch of things done! (and this email is a bit longer than normal)

Here's a list of the new things, which I will tell you about below:

1) An even NEWER update to the T-Shirt Templates 01 Collection since last week. I added a pocket layer to all the Photoshop and Illustrator Templates!

Plus I did a brand new video demonstrating how to use the all new Photoshop templates, which are even easier to use than before. Check it out:


2) A new free bonus download of Artisan Engravings ($37 value) to anyone who purchases T-Shirt Templates 01, T-Shirt Templates Master Collection, T-Shirt Templates Bundle, T-Shirt Templates Bundle 02, or Mockup Templates Bundle by Friday, March 7, 2014. (I recommend T-Shirt Templates Master Collection because it's the best value + you get Designer's Toolkit)

This free download is also available to anyone who has in the past purchased one of those collections. (I'll send everyone eligible an email with links again :) -If you didn't receive the email, contact me and I'll get it out to you within 24 hours). For past customers, the new files are:
(The other files in your download link haven't changed).

3) Oh yeah... I almost forgot! The Free Download This Week: Paint Splats

Could you help me spread the word and share the Free Download link with one of the social sharing buttons when you get to that page? That would help a lot.

I think that's about it. Hope you have a good start to your week!

~Ray Dombroski

P.S. Don't forget to download or mark your calendar for this friday's deadline to download the free Artisan Engravings Collection. Here's a peek of what's included in that collection:

 Go here to check out the T-Shirt Templates Collections and this free bonus.

February 11, 2014


My Top 5 Inspirational Videos for Creators

1) Stefan Sagemeister: The Power of Time Off

This inspired a new way of thinking about work, design, and travel. Including my first trip to Bali!

2)Simon Sinek: Why Leaders Eat Last

This is not a video specifically about design, but it is one of the most insightful talks about leadership I have seen. I think understanding human nature can be a huge benefit, whether you work for a company or own a business.


3)Steve Jobs: 2005 Stanford Commencement Speech

I've probably watched this one ten times. Find something that you can be passionate about. "Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish."


4) Simon Sinek: Start With Why

If all organizations operated this way, the world would be a better and more inspired place.


5) Stefan Sagmeister: Happy Design

This one will make you laugh. My favorite part is the speech bubble section. Enjoy!


~Ray Dombroski

P.S. I just put up a new page of my tutorial videos, which you can see here: Tutorial Videos on TheVectorLab

February 07, 2014

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3 Ways to Add Distress Texture to Your Graphics and Logos

[VIDEO Tutorial]


Earlier this week, a customer emailed me with a question about how to use the Jpegs, Bitmap Tiffs, and Photoshop brushes in some of my texture products, such as the Overspray Collection, Bad Photocopy Textures, AquaColour Series, Analog Textures, and Bitmap Textures.

I'll let my new video do the talking. Hope you enjoy it!


Here are the links mentioned in the video:
Bad Photocopy Series
Overspray Series
AquaColour Series
Vintage Workwear Logo Templates
Design Launch Kit

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