November 24, 2015


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November 22, 2015


A Tropical Holiday [Free Download for Photoshop]


Last week's free download was a collection of Free Snowflake Brushes for Photoshop. These were wildly popular.

But what if your idea of "Happy Holidays" is lounging in a sunny tropical place, far away from the cold and snow? Well, I've got you covered!

Today's free download is a Palm Tree graphic with texture generated using the Bad Photocopy Texture Template.

Plus there are 5 new Bad Photocopy Textured Snowflakes (much higher resolution than last week's snowflakes). These are in Photoshop PSD and Photoshop Brush format. You even get the image below in a layered PSD file just in case you want to use the type, stripes, or other elements in your own designs!

Go here to download the free Palm Tree and the New Snowflakes!

Palm Tree Holiday and Snowflakes for Photoshop

~Ray Dombroski

Did I mention:

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November 21, 2015


Textured Snowflake Photoshop Brushes


Do you need to make designs for this holiday season? How about greeting cards or invitations to holiday parties?

Today's free download may just help you in your process. It's a collection of 24 textured snowflake brushes for Photoshop!

(By the way, the texture for these brushes was generated using the Bad Photocopy Texture Template. If you haven't seen how this template works, be sure to check out the link at the bottom of this email.)

But first, go here to download the brushes:

Bad Photocopy Snowflakes

After you download the snowflakes, have a closeup look at the brushes and also the layered PSD file. This will give you a good idea of the authentic textures you can get with the Bad Photocopy Texture Template!

This template is extremely useful (and fast!) for making vintage textures for all kinds of designs.

If you didn't see this week's new video showing how the template works (and how you can use it to make great colored and layered vintage designs), follow this link. (Look for the blue video)

Bad Photocopy Texture Template

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November 21, 2015


November 17, 2015


November 17, 2015


A Secret Graphic Design Technique from the Archives

There's a graphic designer's old, secret method to transform mundane designs into high quality vintage-style art.

This technique can completely transform the look of your graphics. Especially if you are combining non-cohesive elements like clean vector art, along with a pixelated low resolution photo, some badly live-traced vector art, and a scribbled hand-drawing.

Like oil and water, these kinds of art usually don't mix well together.

The way to solve this problem was knowing how to apply the right kind of texture.

The secret to adding this kind of texture was to wait for the office photocopier to get out of alignment. Next, you would make a copy... of a copy... of a copy... until just the right amount of texture was achieved!

Photocopy Machine Texture

The problem is, today's modern copiers are just too reliable. This makes it very unlikely that designers can utilize this method to meet project deadlines.

But now, there is a solution. You can now get these Bad Photocopy effects easier than ever! You can even use this method with colored and layered designs!

This is the #1 texture method I use in my own designs for real clients and professional work. 

Have a look at the before & after image of this t-shirt design:

Bad Photocopy Texture - before after

Here's a video showing exactly how to apply this method with color and layers.

Go here to get Bad Photocopy Texture Template now.


Ray Dombroski

A couple more things:

  • Did you notice that Bad Photocopy Texture Template also includes a free download of Bad Photocopy Recycle Bin? (50 textures - $34 value!)
  • An even better deal than mentioned above is the Bad Photocopy Master Collection. It includes ALL of the Bad Photocopy collections. Purchase now and save more than 50 percent!

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