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Free Download of the Week: Engravings

Did you like last week's Free Download of the Week? If you didn't download the collection of flourishes, they are now gone :( 

But I have a new free download for you this week! 

Before I tell you about that, I wanted to share with you an endorsement I received this weekend from Ryan in Western Australia. It's one of the best testimonial submissions I've ever had:

"On every product I have from The Vector Lab, everything is perfect to the smallest detail, and gets the job done. I've spent over $300 on The Vector Lab and within the first weeks of having access to these products, I've managed to make my money back. I highly recommend The Vector Lab and Ray Dombroski for any templates / tutorials / mockups that any Graphics Designer or Illustrator will need. If you are having trouble with the use of purchased products, Ray does great Customer Service and will make sure you're satisfied with the purchase you made. He responds in a timely fashion, and won't stop trying till your issue is solved."

I've got to tell you, receiving these makes me feel good! But I think it also helps other potential customers feel confident about their purchases from TheVectorLab. (Not to mention I always have a 100% Money Back Guarantee)

You can also see what Jon from Oahu Grown Clothing and Cynthia from MadeIn Magazine recently had to say here on the testimonials page.

If you want to share your past purchasing experience with others, I'd love it if you could submit it here.

Last but not least, here's the Free Download of the Week: Engravings

If you like the free download, check out my other Engravings Collections HERE. Thanks and have an excellent week!X
Raymond Dombroski
Raymond Dombroski


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