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Overspray: Gradients

Hello! I'll have to check the numbers, but last week's vector halftones download was on track to be the most popular weekly free download so far!

I've got something new for you this week! More on that in a bit...

First, let me first announce that I've got a brand new item in the Overspray Series, called Overspray: Gradients.

I love painting with spray paint. And I really like having some pre-made spray paint images and Photoshop Brushes when I want to add some quick texture to my designs, typography, backgrounds, and photos.

These were so fun to make, I went a bit overboard and made 100 textures. Each of them comes in JPEG, Bitmap Tiff, and Photoshop Brush format.

Why does this set come with 3 different formats? As designers, we like to have the versatility that different file formats offer.

JPEGs are a universal format and offer a high amount of detail in a small file size.

In Photoshop, Bitmap Tiffs work as normal black and white bitmap images. The trick with bitmap images in Illustrator is that the white area becomes transparent and you can change the black area to any color. This is great for overlaying the textures on top of your designs.

If that weren't enough, Overspray : Gradients also comes with High Resolution Photoshop Brushes. Just double click on the included .abr file, and these 100 spraypaint brushes will automatically load into your Photoshop Brush Palette! This is one of the best ways to paint high resolution textures and backgrounds right into your designs.

Here's the really good news: I have a full resolution sample called Overspray: Gradients Sampler that is available as this week's free download! It comes with a Jpeg texture, a Bitmap Tiff texture, and also a Photoshop Brush. You can get that by clicking on the image below:

If you like this week's free download, again be sure to also check out Overspray: Gradients and also Overspray: Stencil Shapes.

Thanks and have an excellent week!

~Ray Dombroski
Raymond Dombroski
Raymond Dombroski


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