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Font and Typography Resources

Tutorial: How to Create Custom Typography from TheVectorLab on Vimeo.

The above video is one of our most popular tutorial videos which shows how I made this logotype for TheVectorLab:

Typography and graphic design go hand in hand. I love both. One of my specialties is creating custom logotypes. Below are a few examples of work I did for some surf apparel companies.
To see more you can check out my Behance Portfolio.
From time to time I receive emails and questions about typography and fonts. Below is a response to some recent email questions about fonts and custom typography:

Traditional System Fonts:

I've never created a 'system font' that can be loaded for use as a normal font. Always wanted to... just haven't had the time yet. Here's what a friend of mine said when I asked him about font-making software:

"Classic tool is FontLab, but I would suggest Glyphs for newbies and on mac...its a nice interface, and seems more designer than fontlab..fontlab is dry and really crap interface, but it works! "
Here are the links:

How to Locate Unknown Fonts:

Also if you are looking to find out the name of a specific font and you have a clean JPEG of it, you can try:
Which might be able to figure out what font you are looking at.
Free Fonts: 

I think the best resource for free fonts is 
With free fonts, there are a few gems but you usually get what you pay for. So be prepared to do a little tweaking of the letter shapes and spacing if you are using them to make logotypes. Why would you want to leave them as-is anyway? Convert your type to outlines in Adobe Illustrator and start messing with the paths to make your own UNIQUE and CUSTOM design.

Making Fonts vs. Custom Logotypes:
The type I make is usually for logos and t-shirts, etc. So it's just custom lettering... which may not fit well with letter spacing if you were to try and make a system font out of if. And to get good at that is basically just practice + noticing how shapes of lettering work together. I have a Pinterest page with some good typography reference that I found on the web. You can check that out here:

I am planning some new typography tutorial videos soon, so you can find out when those come out by subscribing to TheVectorLab newsletter:

-or subscribing to my YouTube or Vimeo channels:

Hope that helps!

~Ray Dombroski

Raymond Dombroski
Raymond Dombroski


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