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How to Access Your Downloads Page

Where can I download my digital files?

Getting Started

Downloading & Opening Files

When I order, how do I download my purchase?

I purchased and downloaded artwork, but I can't seem to open the file.

When I double click on the .zip file, it converts to a .cpgz file and won't open.

I unzipped the download folder, but I cannot open the files.

Do you support any software program other than Photoshop and Illustrator?

Something with my order went horribly wrong! How do I get a refund?

Can I purchase stock art on a disk?

License FAQ

Can I use the textures and templates to create designs to sell on print-on-demand (POD) platforms like Merch by Amazon or Teespring?

Textures & T-Shirt Printing

How do I knock bitmap texture transparency through my design in Illustrator? I am sending PNG files to Merch By Amazon for t-shirt printing.

What's the best way to add texture to my t-shirt designs in Photoshop?

Can I use Thrift Shop to set up my t-shirt graphic with transparent texture for printing?

Master Collections

Can you tell me more about the Master Collections?

Logo Design Master Collection

How do I find & install the fonts that come with Logo Design Master Collection?

Can you tell me more about the Logo Design Master Collection?