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What often separates good design from great design is often the last 5 percent of attention to detail put into it.

The quickest way to add a high amount of detail to your designs is to add texture in the form of Bitmap Tiff, Jpeg, or Photoshop Brushes. Perfect for typography, designs for print, and screen printed t-shirt designs.

This product bundle includes all images from the following Texture Collections

Bad Photocopy:

Bad Photocopy, Bad Photocopy Gradients, Bad Photocopy ShapesBad Photocopy Streaks, and Bad Photocopy Texture Template,


AquaColour : ShapesAquaColour : PatternsAquaColour : StripesAquaColour : WashesAquaColour : Gradients, and  AquaColour : Bleeds,

Analog Halftones:

Analog Halftones, Analog Shapes, Analog Patterns, and Analog Patterns 2.

This is the largest bundle collection of textures offered from TheVectorLab. These will give you a seemingly endless variety of distress texture that will add interest to your designs.

It can be thought of as a "complete texture library in a single download!"


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