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Graphic Design Workshops

T-Shirt Design Workshop 2: Mixed Media Design

T-Shirt Design Workshop 02

Improving your t-shirt design skills is one of the most rewarding investments that you can make in your design career. We will go over the entire process of creating a t-shirt design, from finding ideas all the way to sending your designs out to be printed. See T-Shirt Design Workshop 2.

T-Shirt Design Workshop 1: Foundation

T-Shirt Design Workshop 01

Design a t-shirt like a professional: graphics, specialty printing methods, fabrics, inks, dyes, and washes. In this workshop, we'll go over all the ingredients that go into a t-shirt design. See T-Shirt Design Workshop 1.

Typographic Logos: Type & Lettering for Logo Design

Typographic Logos Workshop

Type-based logos, also known as logotypes and wordmarks, are a powerful way to define the style of your brand. Designing custom lettering (instead of using a pre-built font) is your opportunity to make something truly unique. See Typographic Logos Workshop.