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How do I download images from your site?

Select your desired images and go through the checkout process. After your payment is approved you will receive an email containing a URL link which will allow you to download the artwork. This download link is valid for only 3 downloads so we recommend that you make a personal backup copy of the files just in case anything happens to your original files.


I am not using Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. How do I know if your artwork is compatible with the software I am using?

Some basic EPS files may be compatible with CorelDRAW, Adobe Flash, and Freehand. Check the description of the product to see if it lists which software packages it is compatible with. Please download some of our free art to test. If you can open and edit those files on your computer, then they will be compatible with your system. 


I purchased and downloaded artwork, but I can't seem to open the file.
The download file is a "zip" file, which is a compressed folder. To use the files, you need to "unzip" it, which will uncompress the folder and allow you to see the individual Photoshop and Illustrator files. Most newer computers already have the required software to accomplish this unzipping. So you should just be able to double click on the download file to uncompress it.

If you don't have zip/unzip software on your computer, then you need to install software capable of "unzipping" this compressed file. There are many free unzipping programs for Mac and PC available from Just go there and search for "unzip." You need to use software capable of "unzipping" this compressed file. There are many free unzipping programs for Mac and PC available from Just go there and search for "unzip."


I have unzipped the download folder, but I cannot open the files.

Instead of double-clicking on the files, try opening them using the File>>Open menu option in Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel, or other software program that you are using. If this does not work, contact us (using the Contact button on the upper left of this page) and we will make every attempt to resolve the issue. We may even be able to send you alternate file formats that will be compatible with your system.


I just tried to make a purchase from your website and the transaction was declined. Why was it not approved?
First, we recommend that if your credit card is being declined by our system, then please use the Paypal option when checking out.

***IMPORTANT*** The name and address on file with your credit card company must match the information that you provided in your profile. If it does not, our system will automatically decline your order. If your order is declined for this reason, please update your profile before attempting to checkout again.

You have not been charged if your order was declined.


How do I get a refund?

TheVectorLab offers a 100% money back guarantee! For any reason, anytime!
And we mean it. Here's how you can request a refund:
Just send us an email using our contact form (click the Contact button at the upper left of this page) with the following info:
Your first and last name
Your email address
Your order #
Name of the product purchased and price
Date of purchase
The reason for your refund (we really appreciate this information as it helps us to improve our products and the customer experience!)

*Refunds are limited to $250 per customer (to request an exception for an extraordinary circumstance, please feel free to email us using the contact form!)
We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. If you have any difficulty with your order, we will make all attempts to resolve any issues! Using this feedback helps us continually improve our products and website.


How can I use your images? Are they royalty free?
All of the images on our site are royalty free. Please read our license agreement that outlines our permitted and prohibited usage. You may not resell or redistribute any of the artwork from this site.

What makes you different from other stock image websites?

TheVectorLab is a collection of graphic design resources carefully curated to only offer the most useful design tools. On other websites, it's common to waste time browsing through pages of mediocre art. TheVectorLab's purpose is to help save your most valuable resource: time.


Why do I have to purchase a whole collection of 25 images just to get the one image that I want?
Most of our products are sold in collections of multiple images so that we can offer the highest amount of value to the customer. For this reason, we do not break up these collections into individual products for sale.


Can I purchase stock art on a disk?
We only offer our products via download so that we can offer the best value and convenience to the customer.