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"Hope all's well with you - just a little message to say thanks for the t-shirt templates, they're freaking awesome and an absolute life saver starting up our new business. They look so real..."
~ Charlie Penwarden Contrast Prints


"On every product I have from The Vector Lab, everything is perfect to the smallest detail, and gets the job done. I've spent over $300 on The Vector Lab and within the first weeks of having access to these products, I've managed to make my money back. I highly recommend The Vector Lab and Ray Dombroski for any templates / tutorials / mockups that any Graphics Designer or Illustrator will need. If you are having trouble with the use of purchased products, Ray does great Customer Service and will make sure you're satisfied with the purchase you made. He responds in a timely fashion, and won't stop trying till your issue is solved."
~ Ryan Nejmanowski


"Thanks Ray for all your help and amazing collections."
~ Jon Fo Oahu Grown Clothing
Purchased Bitmap Master Collection (and free bonus Designer's Toolkit)
Oahu Grown Clothing


"I used a bunch more of the analog, bad photocopy, etc. goodies in the new issue of MadeIn (we went online with it yesterday), they are fantastic and add that awesome handmade feel to our mag and you made them so easy to use- love the tifs- perfection!!"
~ Cynthia
Purchased Bitmap Master Collection
Made In Magazine
"Ray from the Vector Lab has done the entire design world a huge favor by making so many of these items available. Sure some of us could do this ourselves but the time he's saved me by using these products is much more valuable. I would recommend this site to anyone looking to professionalize their work."
~Mikey Muirhead
"Cannot thank you enough for inspiring and  jumpstarting creative projects! Love the beautiful professional clean creative files you have available for graphic designers like me!"
~Linda Clark
"I have your T Shirt templates which are great to use (I use the Photoshop one in with the .psd plugin)"
~Ricky Kretowicz
Purchased T-Shirt Templates 01
"Great collection. Superb quality. Essential."
"I am really loving the Bad Photocopy set. I swear I'm using it everyday now."
~Erik Brown
Gig Poster by Erik Brown - distressed and texture added using Bad Photocopy Streaks and Analog Halftones
"Thanks for such an awesome deal on your bundle! I am using them in my new magazine, MadeIn Magazine."
~ Cynthia
Purchased Bitmap Master Collection
"Sweet, thanks! You produce such great resources!"
~ Liz Cooke -Purchased Bitmap Textures
"Thanks and thanks. Got the the files - they are excellent. Just what we needed."
~Sarah Cook / Headjam Design
Purchased AquaColour : Master Collection
"This is exactly what you need, when you need to save your butt, fast. Great quality work."
~Eric Larkin -
Purchased Engravings Master Collection 3&4 Bundle
"The Vector Lab's great crests were perfect for the "awards" we are creating on our new App launching next month. We would love to use more Vector Lab designs going forward. Great job Ray! Many thanks!"
~Hillary C. -
"As a university student working on a shoestring budget, these resources are an excellent place to get started with professional looking templates and designs! Highly recommend the vector lab!"
~Benjamin Bickers - Purchased T-Shirt Templates Bundle
"Ray, I absolutely love the halftone bitmaps. Super retro and I can't wait to use them.
I'm using your patterns for some automotive themed designs and can't wait to print some shirts with your bitmap distress and scratches. Keep up the good work!"
~Jason Frits - Purchased Bitmap Master Collection
"RAY! Thank you! I'm thrilled with the Master Collections bundle! Out of the dozens of digital media purchases I've made, this is by far the best. I look forward to all your future releases!"
~Erin Lizardo - Purchased Bitmap Master Collection

Nice work man!!! loving it :D
"Thanks a million for the the free crest download, its really after helping me out on a project that needed to be done very quick! It was for a school crest, to re-create a drawing a student did and the outline really helped! thanks again!
Keep up the good work!"
~ Verona M.
"Thanks so so much! Your explanation worked magic!"
~Stephen Z.


Australia's LikeMindedStudio using Engravings 01 Collection
Dario "Dr. Pepper" Maggiore using Engraved Patterns 01 Collection and Engravings Master Collection 01

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