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Typographic Logos Workshop

Type-based logos, also known as logotypes and wordmarks, are a powerful way to define the style of your brand. Designing custom lettering (instead of using a pre-built font) is your opportunity to make something truly unique.

Typographic Logos Workshop

Whether you need to design custom lettering for a company logo, a t-shirt, advertising, or your own personal brand, you will learn how to find inspiration, sketch out your rough ideas, refine your design and bring it into the computer. From there, you will learn how to create color options and add in some shading and texture.

What's covered:

You will see how to start from scratch to create this logo. After that, it's your turn to find your own style and show the world what you can make!

Typographic Logos Bundles

Typographic Logos Workshop Option 1


Typographic Logos Workshop XL Bundle