AquaColour: Bleeds


A collection of 40 watercolor shapes with bleeding edges, perfect for adding texture and distress to your designs.

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Paint watercolor into your designs. Make your own unique patterns. These are even excellent to use as photo borders and frames (see our detail images for an example.)

AquaColour Bleeds capture the imperfect yet beautiful qualities of the watercolor medium. These images have a transparent watercolor look with brushstrokes, drips, and paint flow that makes them an excellent way to add natural texture to your backgrounds and graphics.

As a BONUS, in addition to JPEG format, these images also come in Bitmap Tiff format. With Bitmap TIFF's you can quickly and easily add layers of distress and texture to your Illustrator and Photoshop graphics without creating huge files that slow down your computer. In Photoshop, these work as normal black and white bitmap images. The trick with bitmap images in Illustrator is that the white area becomes transparent and you can change the black area to any color. 

This collection includes 2 format versions: 40 JPEG and 40 Bitmap TIFF files -2550 x 3300 pixels- (works in Illustrator and Photoshop) - NEW BONUS: Also now includes a Photoshop Brush file that will load these 40 high resolution shapes into your Brush Palette - Available for instant download (319 MB)