Aventura - CorelDraw


A collection of outdoors themed graphic & logo templates + fonts.

  • Beginners can easily change the type and colors.

  • Experienced designers can use these templates as a time-saving starting point to make completely new graphics.

Aventura is not a standalone app. The templates come in CDR 13 (X3) and CDR 17 (X7) Formats. You will need CorelDraw X3 (year 2006) or newer software on a desktop or laptop computer to edit & use the templates.

(Also available for Adobe and Affinity).

These designs can be used for your:

  • T-shirt graphics, patches, embroideries, bandanas, hats & stickers.

  • Packaging and labels.

  • Physical store signage and web graphics.


  • 75 "AVENTURA" Graphic & Logo Templates.(as seen in product images)
  • A Commercial License,  which means that you can print the designs onto items for sale, such as t-shirts.
  • 50 Open Source Google Fonts that you can use for any commercial or personal project.
  • PDF Quick Start Guides and video tutorials for Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • The CorelDraw templates are completely vector so there is no limit to scaling.

Q: Is this collection a subscription? Does it have any future charges or fees?

A: No. This collection is a one time up-front price, with no future charges or subscription fees.

Q: Are the designs in this collection included with any other product or bundle?

A: Yes. You can find this collection in three larger multi-bundles: The 2021 Biggest Bundle , The Big 11 Bundle, and The Next 5 Bundle.

Q: Can I order just one design out of this collection?

A: No, the designs are only available by ordering the whole collection.

Q: Do the templates or the license to use the templates expire?

A: No. The Usage License does not expire.

Q: Do these templates work in Flexi, Inkscape, PS Elements, CS2, CS3, GIMP, Pixelmator, Mobile Apps, or other software?

A: No. They are compatible with CorelDraw X3, X4, X5, X6, X7, X8, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020. (However, there are separate versions for Adobe and Affinity).

Q: Can I print the designs onto items for sale, like t-shirts and hats?

A: Yes. Every item from TheVectorLab comes with a Commercial License.