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Every graphic designer should have in his or her collection a large variety of bitmap textures. These are perfect for poster design, typography, screen printed t-shirt art, and designs for print and web.

This MASSIVE Master Collection includes 333 high resolution textures, halftones, shapes, and patterns. This complete set includes all 333 Bitmap TIFF and 333 JPEG files from 9 of our most popular collections: Bitmap Textures, Bad Photocopy, Analog Halftones, Bitmap Textures: Fabric, Bad Photocopy: Shapes, Analog Shapes, Bad Photocopy: Gradients, Dry Marker Pen, and Analog Patterns.

An incredible deal: Save nearly 60% by purchasing this Master Collection versus each individual collection.

Quickly and easily add layers of distress and texture to your Illustrator and Photoshop graphics without creating huge files that slow down your computer. In Photoshop, these work as normal black and white bitmap images. The trick with bitmap TIFF images in Illustrator is that the white area becomes transparent and you can change the black area to any color.

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