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This bundle includes the following graphic design workshops:

Typographic Logos Workshop


Made specifically for logo & lettering graphic designers, this course includes the full 1.5 hour Typographic Logos Class and a collection of essential textures and templates.

Whether you need to design custom lettering for a company logo, a t-shirt, advertising, or your own personal brand, you will see how to find inspiration, sketch out your rough ideas, refine your design and bring it into the computer. From there, you will learn how to create color options and add in some shading and texture. Access the class videos any time, and watch as many times as you like.


T-Shirt Design Workshop 01: Foundation


    Design a t-shirt like a professional: graphics, specialty printing methods, fabrics, inks, dyes, and washes. 

    Learning the possibilities and options you have when creating a t-shirt design is an essential investment in becoming a t-shirt designer. In this one-hour workshop, we'll go over all the ingredients that go into a t-shirt design.


    T-Shirt Design Workshop 02: Mixed Media Design


    In this workshop we will go over the entire process of creating a t-shirt design, from finding ideas all the way to sending your designs out to be printed.

    We will send out the design to 3 different printers. At the end, those shirts will be unboxed so you can see exactly how they came back from the printer (there will be a few unexpected surprises you can learn from!)

    These 2.5 hours of content are packed with loads of actionable t-shirt graphic design techniques that can’t be found anywhere else.

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