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Graphic & Logo Bundle Vol. 2 for Illustrator and Photoshop


A "Growing Bundle" of graphic & logo templates and fonts.

  • Beginners can easily change the type and colors.

  • Experienced designers can use these designs as a time-saving starting point to make completely new designs.

Order today and get:

  • Immediate Delivery of 25 "Standard Shapes" Graphic & Logo Templates (as seen in product images)

  • Immediate Delivery of 25 "Colors & Shapes" Graphic & Logo Templates(as seen in product images)

  • Immediate Delivery of 25 "The New Lineup" Graphic & Logo Templates(as seen in product images)

  • 25 additional designs sent to your inbox in December 2019 (a free update) 

Eventually this bundle will include 100 graphic templates and 70 fonts.

It's best to get in early with the best deal (by far) and the future graphic deliveries for free.

Graphic & Logo Bundle Vol. 2 is not a standalone app. You will need Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator CS4, CS5, CS6, or CC software on a desktop or laptop computer to edit & use the templates.

(Also available for CorelDraw and Affinity Designer).

Optimized for t-shirt designs. You can use also use these for hats, patches, logos, product packaging, embroideries, or anything else that needs a logo.

Also includes:

  • A Commercial License, which means that you can print the designs onto items for sale, such as t-shirts.
  • 65 Free & Open Source Google Fonts that you can use for any commercial or personal project.
  • PDF Quick Start Guides and video tutorials for Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • The Photoshop template dimensions are more than 15" wide @ 300 DPI, perfect for t-shirt printing.
  • The Illustrator templates are completely vector so there is no limit to scaling.

Q: Is this bundle a subscription?

A: No. This bundle is a one time up-front price, with no future charges or subscription fees.

Q: Are the designs in this bundle included with any other product or bundle?

A: No. Graphic & Logo Bundle Vol. 2 shares no overlapping items with Logo Design Master Collection, T-Shirt Design Master Collection 1 , T-Shirt Design Master Collection 2, Graphic & Logo Bundle Vol.1 or The Big 3 Bundle.

Q: What happens if I wait until December to order?

A: You will still get all 100 templates and 70 fonts that will be included in the bundle. However the price will be $80.

Q: Will there be more free deliveries of graphics after December?

A: No. The bundle will be complete when it reaches 100 templates and 70 fonts in December 2019.

Q: Do the templates or the license to use the templates expire?

A: No. The Usage License does not expire.

Q: Do these templates work in Flexi, Inkscape, PS Elements, CS2, CS3, GIMP, Pixelmator, Mobile Apps, or other software?

A: No. They are compatible with Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop CS4, CS5, CS6, or CC. (However, there are separate versions for Affinity and CorelDraw).

Q: Can I print the designs onto items for sale, like t-shirts and hats?

A: Yes. Every item from TheVectorLab comes with a Commercial License.

Q: I need a bunch of design templates right now, and I can't wait until December to get the final delivery.

A: Have a look at Logo Design Master Collection and Graphic and Logo Bundle Vol.1 instead. These are complete bundles.