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Thrift Shop: Vintage T-Shirt Texture Template

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Give your t-shirts graphics a vintage "Thrift Shop" look!


This mockup template has 3 main features:

  • Vintage "washed & worn" ink textures can easily be added to your graphic.
  • Your design will appear to be printed on any color t-shirt fabric.
  • "Warp" your design to match the fabric wrinkles - for added realism.

Here's how it works:

  1. Paste your graphic into the PSD Photoshop template.
  2. Choose any combination of the 20 vintage distress textures. (Or choose no texture if you want to mock up a clean design on t-shirt fabric)
  3. Choose a fabric color.
  4. Choose a fabric overlay to make your graphic look like it's printed on t-shirt fabric (10 options - all with different wrinkles, so your mockups don't all look the same).
  5. Use the Displacement Maps to "warp" your graphic to match the fabric wrinkles - for added realism.
• High Resolution Photoshop PSD file: 3000 x 3000 pixels

Improve your portfolio for Instagram, Behance, Dribbble... or enhance the "presentation value" of your designs to clients and customers.

The textures are high resolution enough to use for screen printing, but much of the detail is very subtle (this fine detail is why they look so good). So you will still need a color separation technician to prepare your files for screen printing.

If you want vintage textures that are more "plug & play" for actual screen print production check out:

Thrift Shop is a layered Photoshop PSD file - 257 MB - compatible with Photoshop CS4 and newer - Available for Instant Download

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