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A set of 20 vector crest, wreath, and banner icons.

Typography Tutorial Bundle
With over 140,000 views on YouTube and Vimeo, we decided to offer our Typography Tutorial as a Bundle collection. Included with the download are the full-size video, PDF tutorial, and ALL WORK-IN-PROGRESS FILES (!) (vector, bitmap, Illustrator, and jpeg formats). You can now follow along with the tutorial and dissect how this logo was created. For example, you can open the Illustrator logos, manipulate them, and see how the linework is layered and colored.

"Bigtop" Hand-set Typeface
A circus font in vector format (not a system font that you install)

Photo Frame
A distressed photo frame in bitmap and vector format.

T-Shirt Cad (Basic Vector)
A t-shirt cad, also known as a 'matrix' or 'spec-sheet,' gives the screen printer instructions on ink colors, tee shirt fabric colors, and sizing and placement of your graphic.

Background Pattern
We had so many people requesting this background pattern that was used in our Waves 001 Collection that we decided to offer it for free!

Camouflage Pattern
Free vector camo pattern!

4 free vector crowns! Go ahead take 'em. Download now!

A collection of 6 vector shields.

A set of 6 super fresh and clean vector wreath designs. Great for creating crests and sporty designs.

Vintage Paper
A Vintage Paper image in PSD, Jpeg, Bitmap Tiff and Photoshop Brush format. Excellent for a vintage background or to use as distress texture for your designs!

Street Texture
A concrete distress texture in Jpeg, Bitmap Tiff and Photoshop Brush format.

Overspray Gradients Sampler
A spray paint texture in Jpeg, Bitmap Tiff and Photoshop Brush format.

Watercolor Camo

A watercolor camouflage pattern.