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Back in the Day Textures - Photoshop Guide

21 Texture Options

Created from Genuine Vintage T-Shirts

A variety of: Subtle textures • Heavy textures • Irregular textures

Transparent PNG and Photoshop Brush Format

Back in the Day Texture options

Option 1 - Applying Transparent PNG Textures

The ultra high resolution (12,000 x 15,000 pixel) PNG textures are the preferred route, as they offer the highest level of detail.

For the most authentic look, you will want the texture to “knock out” areas of transparency through your design so the fabric color beneath is visible.

The following tutorial shows another set of textures called Thrift Shop. But Back in the Day Textures work the same way:

These PNG Textures will look best realistic scaled 9.5” to 14.5” wide. For example, if your t-shirt graphic is 12” wide, size the texture to just cover your graphic.

If you are printing a small graphic (3.5” front pocket hit, for example) just keep your texture scaled at 12” or so. Otherwise, your texture will be too fine for printing.

Option 2 - Applying Textures with 1-Click Stamp Brushes

Applying texture is fast and easy with the 5000 pixel Photoshop Brushes. 

The tutorial below shows our Plastisol Brushes, but the Back in the Day Brushes can be applied with the same method.

Get Back in the Day Textures.