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Ray Dombroski - TheVectorLab


Hello and thank you so much for visiting TheVectorLab!

Let me give you a quick background and tell you why TheVectorLab is unique.

Since the year 2000, I’ve been a graphic designer specializing in t-shirt graphics, boardshort & sportswear prints for surf apparel companies in California, Hawaii, and Australia.

TheVectorLab was born in 2008 out of the philosophy that it’s important to spend LESS time in an office sitting at a computer… and MORE time hanging out with family, friends, and being outside in nature.

If you have the right tools to help you work more efficiently, then you can put that extra energy and focus towards things that really matter. Whether that be improving your craft - or ditching the office early on Fridays!

At first the resources were just vector graphics, hence the name “TheVectorLab.” Then it grew to include Mockup Templates, Textures, Photoshop Brushes, Logo Templates, Typography Templates, and Graphic Design Learning Workshops (my favorite thing to do is share knowledge by teaching. Have a look at my T-Shirt Design Workshop and Typographic Logos Workshop).

These resources are the tools that I use in my own real-world professional design work. If you ever decide to purchase any of TheVectorLab’s premium products, I GUARANTEE that they will help save you time and improve your designs!

I’m going to take this chance to invite you to become a subscriber to TheVectorLab's Free Newsletter. Here are the benefits you get by becoming a subscriber:

  1. Notifications of Free Downloads (I love sending out free resources and tools that people can use for their own designs)
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  3. Design resources that create results and save you time
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If you have any questions or comments, you can get in contact with me by using TheVectorLab's Contact Form.

Thanks for stopping by!

~Ray Dombroski

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