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Why you need good halftones

Whether you are designing graphics for t-shirts, web, or print, oversize/decorative halftones can improve your images and save time! Here's how...

• Salvage a low-resolution snapshot

Have a photo that would make an excellent graphic, except it's just too small, grainy, blurry, or pixelated? Often times, you can turn a regular snapshot into an image with style just by applying halftones.

• Use high-quality free photos

If you don't already know about unsplash.com, it's "The internet's source of freely-usable images."

Need a photo for a graphic? Chances are unsplash has it. Run it through the Halftone Processor, and you have an instant print-ready image.

• Make instant high-resolution graphics

The Halftone Processor makes things easy. Adjust halftone style (16 options: dots, lines, wavy lines, wavy dots, zig-zag patterns) and scale the pattern interactively, with no need to "convert to bitmap" before seeing the results.

Halftonr Processor

You can export your graphic as a 4000 x 4000 pixel file, more than suitable for large t-shirt graphics.

If you need more resolution, it's not a problem! Just increase the document canvas size prior to adding in your image. You won't lose resolution or quality.

If you need vector format, you can easily convert your image in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Capture, or a handful of other (free & paid) vector conversion apps.

• Make cool stuff

Turn plain images into graphics with flair. Use bright (or subtle) color combinations. Oversized & stylized halftones may be the answer!

Halftone Processor