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Since modern photocopier technology is close to being perfected, don't you miss the texture created from old-school Xerox machines?

Fast & Easy Photocopy Textures for your Designs

Here's what you get:

  • 26 Photocopy Texture overlays (ultra high resolution 9273 x 12000 pixels).
  • Instruction guides with tutorial videos.
  • Free updates. New extras are already in the works ;)

*For a Limited Time: order and get a free download of Bad Photocopy Texture Template for Photoshop or Affinity(Not available for CorelDraw) ($36 value)

File formats

  • The Adobe version includes Transparent PNG (for Photoshop) and Bitmap TIFF (for Illustrator) files.
  • The Affinity version includes Transparent PNG files.
  • The CorelDraw version includes Bitmap TIFF files.

Software Compatibility

These Transparent PNG and Bitmap TIFF texture overlays will work in essentially every graphic design software package from the beginning of time! However, instructions and tutorials are only provided for Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Affinity, and CorelDraw.

Did you know: Copy Shop is also included with The New for 2022 Bundle.