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ThrashTones for Procreate (iPad)


20 Pressure Sensitive Brushes for Procreate (iPad).

Paint Unique Halftone Patterns, such as "Snakeskin," "Lizard Skin," "Wavy Lines, and "Blob Dots." 

(Procreate App, Any iPad Pro, or iPad (2017 or newer), and Apple Pencil or drawing stylus required)

You can load the ThrashTones Brushes (Procreate Brushset file) directly onto your iPad, without a desktop computer.


What's included:

  • 20 Pressure Sensitive ThrashTones Brushes for the Procreate App.
  • Quick Start Guide PDF with links to tutorial videos.


Also available: Get ThrashTones for Photoshop + ThrahsTones for Procreate in the ThrashTones Bundle.