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Plastisol 1&2 Bundle: Vintage T-Shirt Textures

A BUNDLE of 60 cracked ink "Plastisol" textures will make your t-shirt designs look vintage! 

This bundle collection includes the following items:

Plastisol 2: Vintage T-Shirt Textures for Photoshop and Illustrator

Plastisol Vintage T-Shirt Textures

What is Plastisol, and what does it have to do with Vintage T-Shirts??

Plastisol Ink is a type of Screen Printing Ink that was first used to screen T-Shirts in the 1970's. When you look at Vintage Clothing, it's the ink that cracks and flakes over time as the t-shirt gets washed, stretched out, and worn to too many Def Leppard concerts.

Plastisol is why real Thrift Shop T-Shirts look Vintage!

Plastisol 1 Contents:

30 Cracked T-Shirt Ink Textures in the following formats:

• Medium-Resolution Photoshop Brushes (1500 x 1500 pixels - for ease of use and web-oriented graphics)

• High-Resolution Photoshop Brushes (2500 x 2500 pixels - maximum brush size for older versions of Photoshop)

• High-Resolution Photoshop Brushes (3000 x 3000 pixels - for real t-shirt graphic production or high-res graphics)

• Photoshop PSD (3000 x 3000 pixels - flattened greyscale files)

• Bitmap Tiff (3000 x 3000 pixels - these files are the ones you use in Illustrator)

Plastisol 2 Contents:

30 subtle edge textures (completely new & different from Plastisol 1) created from 600 DPI scans of real vintage t-shirt graphics. The smallest texture is 625 x 406 pixels and the largest texture is 3357 x 3374 pixels.

Each of the 30 textures comes in the following formats:

• Photoshop Brush. Just double click on the .abr file to automatically load the brushes into Photoshop! 

• Photoshop PSD with transparent backgrounds. (These files also include a hidden flattened layer for advanced users who want to adjust the "levels" of the lights and darks.)

• Bitmap Tiff. These files are ideal for screen print production & color separations using Illustrator because they have no greyscale; only black or white pixels. When viewed in Illustrator, Bitmap Tiff files have automatic transparency and can easily be assigned any color.

Also included in this bundle is the Free Bonus Fabric Mockup Panel + instructions mentioned in the video above. 

Did you know: Plastisol 1&2 are also part of T-Shirt Design Master Collection, the best deal on the biggest bundle of t-shirt design resources.

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