2021 Biggest T-Shirt Design Bundle

Get the Top 31 T-Shirt Design Collections

PLUS: All Future 2021 Product Releases! (Free Updates)

Improve your graphics and save time with the LARGEST & GROWING BUNDLE of t-shirt design resources.


  • 1230 Graphic & Logo Templates (as seen in product images)
  • More than 300 Fonts
  • Hundreds of Textures
  • 5.5 Hours of Video Courses
  • Multiple Styles of Men's & Women's Apparel Mockup Templates
  • All 2021 Future Product Releases sent to your Inbox (for no extra charge!)
  • Tutorials, Instructions, Vectors, Shortcuts, and Much More!

The 2021 Biggest Bundle includes immediate delivery of the following items:

All 3 Master Collections:

  1. T-Shirt Design Master Collection 1
  2. T-Shirt Design Master Collection 2
  3. Logo Design Master Collection

• All 3 Graphic & Logo Bundles:

  1. Graphic & Logo Bundle Vol. 1 (Green House, Side Show, Wildlife, Jungle Life)
  2. Graphic & Logo Bundle Vol. 2 (Standard Logos, Colors & Shapes, New Lineup, New Shapes)
  3. Graphic & Logo Bundle Vol. 3 (Freedom Coast, Summit & Sea, Road Trip, North Coast)

• All "Special Tee" Graphic & Logo Collections:

  1. Freedom 76
  2. Uncharted Waters
  3. Aventura
  4. Icons
  5. Workwear Modern
  6. Snow Day
  7. Plant Life
  8. Surf
  9. Catch of the Day
  10. Sports
  11. Cookout
  12. Universal
  13. Campsite
  14. Lakeside
  15. Deluxe
  16. Beach Day
  17. Ranch
  18. Pop Top
  19. Outer Space
  20. Training
  21. Fishing Hole
  22. Island Time

• T-Shirt & Apparel Mockup Templates:

  1. Easy Mockup Variety Collection
  2. Flat Lay Pro T-Shirt Mockups
  3. Flat Lay Pro Zip Hoodie Mockups

PLUS: All 2021 current & future product releases will be sent to your inbox

* The price to order this bundle goes up each week in 2021. So it's best to order early. All upcoming updates are free for everyone who orders!

Also includes: a Commercial License, which means that you can print the Licensed Material (designs, textures, and templates) onto items for sale, such as t-shirts.

The 2021 Biggest Bundle is not a standalone app. You will need Adobe, Affinity, or CorelDraw software to use this product.

*When adding to cart, please make sure to indicate one of the following software preferences:

  • for ADOBE (Works in Photoshop & Illustrator CS4, CS5, CS6, CC, 2020 desktop Mac and PC)
  • for AFFINITY (Works in Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo 1.9.3 or newer for Mac, PC, and iPad)
  • for CORELDRAW (Works in CorelDraw X3 (year 2006) or newer for Mac and PC)

Upgrade pricing: If you previously ordered any item in this bundle and would like to upgrade, please contact us for special pricing.

Q: Is this bundle a subscription? Does it have any future charges or fees?

A: No. This bundle is a one time up-front price, with no future charges or subscription fees.

Q: Does this bundle really include all new items to be released in 2021?

A: Yes. If you order the Adobe, Affinity, or CorelDraw version of this bundle, you will receive all new Adobe, Affinity, or CorelDraw items to be released in 2021. 

Q: How do I get the future 2021 items?

A: Each time a new collection or bundle is released in 2021, you will get an email with links to download. There will never be new charges or subscription fees to download the new items.

Q: What 2021 items do you plan to release?

A: So far in 2021, Workwear Modern, Snow Day, Plant Life, Surf, Catch of the Day, Sports, Cookout, Universal, Campsite, Lakeside, Deluxe, Flat Lay Pro T-Shirt Mockups, Beach Day, Ranch, Pop Top, Outer Space, Side Show, Training, Flat Lay Pro Hoodie Mockups, Fishing Hole, and Island Time have been added to this bundle.

Most of the upcoming 2021 bundles will consist of new graphic & logo templates + fonts. There will also be some new textures. And perhaps some new apparel mockup templates. Maybe even a new t-shirt design workshop course.

Q: What happens with this bundle in 2022? Do the items expire?

A: After 2021, no new items added to this bundle. But you can continue to use the templates, textures, fonts, courses, and tutorials.

Your download links will not expire. If there are any future updates past 2021 (such as software compatibility updates) you will be able to download these new files for no extra charge.

*There will most likely be a future upgrade option available for purchase if you want to receive the 2022 new items.

Q: Does this bundle include EVERYTHING offered by TheVectorLab?

A: No (but it includes almost all of the good stuff!) There are two brush sets not included: ThrashTones and NatureTones.